A different kind of psychiatric care

Functional Psychiatry is different in that we look for underlying causes for psychiatric illnesses and treat the problem at the root cause.
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We are transforming Psychiatric care

Marielle has 11 years of experience as a Nurse Practitioner in the traditional medical model. The longer she practiced the more discouraged she became by the traditional health care system — not being able to spend enough time with patients and treating them with quick fixes instead of getting to the root cause of their illnesses. After finding Functional Medicine and applying the principles to her own life, she believes she found the missing link in the current healthcare model. Marielle has been working in psychiatry as a Nurse Practitioner for the past 4 years in the traditional model and also practicing as a functional medicine provider for the same amount of time. She felt it was time to bring her 2 passions together and use functional medicine in psychiatric care in her own practice.
Marielle Pitts
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner NP-C.


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Sleep or Insomnia


  • lab work
  • lifestyle modifications
  • psychiatric medication management
  • supplement recommendations

Insurance Accepted

  • we do not take insurance
  • superbills can be requested
  • to submit to your insurance company
  • for re-imbursement


  • Initial Consult: $150
  • Follow up visits: $90
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